Let's create
a power shift

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A green and circular industrial park

GreenLab is a green and circular industrial park located in Skive, Denmark. We believe that the energy system of the future is an integrated energy system – and we work to develop and demonstrate this in practice by improving the way renewable energy is produced, transformed, stored, and utilised 

We accelerate the green transition
We accelerate the green transition of industry through large-scale testing of new technologies, direct connection of industrial production to renewable energy, and mission-driven research 

We are connected by the SymbiosisNet
In the industrial park, everything will be connected by the SymbiosisNet™ – an intelligent grid of energy and data that will let companies share their surplus energy and resources, in accordance with their scale up demands.

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The future of energy

Let's create a power shift

Green industrial clusters are an important part of the future’s electrified and integrated energy system. In our cluster, we work to drive the green transition together with our many partners. Our goal is for our model to serve as an inspiration around the world.