High Voltage Training Center in GreenLab

Skive College and GreenLab launch ambitious plan for new education initiatives in high voltage

The coming High Voltage (HV) centre at GreenLab Skive will pave the way for a dynamic, special-purpose education and training environment that can bring together education and business actors in the energy sector. The new agreement will bring Skive College’s HV programmes and courses to GreenLab Skive.

Skive College is Denmark’s national school for education and training in the utilities and energy-supply area. This calls for close dialogue with the vocational committee of the body that supervises the country’s industrial educations, including the utilities-operator programmes. The college also works closely with many large Danish companies and actors in the utilities sector, for instance on continuing education for employees. Some activities are labour-market training courses, while others are tailored for employee groups (Danish and non-Danish) in specific companies.

In recent years, Skive College has gained inspiration from its Advisory Board, enabling the college to build relationships with several leading supply and utilities companies. The Advisory Board’s role is to counsel the college on HV-related skills challenges in the future, and its members come from the likes of Siemens Gamesa, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, Ørsted (a national Danish energy supplier) and Vattenfall. Locating the coming HV centre at GreenLab Skive adds an extra dimension to this collaboration.

“In the wind-turbine industry, Danish companies are among the world’s best, and one of our goals at Skive College is to help safeguard this leading position by developing and upgrading HV skills. We are very pleased with our agreement with GreenLab Skive, and now we’re going to start identifying which activities we can place at GreenLab Skive in the future. By working together to create an HV centre that has international clout, we’ll be able to attract even more companies and course participants,” explains the director of Skive College, Desiré Christoffersen.

“Our involvement in making an HV centre part of GreenLab Skive tackles one of the top challenges in the energy supply of the future,” Christoffersen underscores. “Here, our course participants will be able to run tests and trials, and to learn in a full-scale environment. These very skills are one of the building blocks in a green energy system that ensures a high level of security in the energy supply.”

Land development and construction activities are already under way on several properties in the GreenLab Skive complex.

 “Right from the outset, we’ve found it important to create strong, collaborative relationships that focus on skills development, here at the business park and in our industrial symbiotic network,” says Steen Harding Hintze of GreenLab Skive, and he elaborates: “An HV centre located at GreenLab Skive will create a unique educational setting where skills development and business development will be firmly anchored and intimately linked. Working with Skive College, we’ll be able to create an environment that allows large-scale testing, and we expect to see completion, within the next few years, of test and demonstration facilities.”

The plan envisions placing the new part of Skive College’s HV centre and related activities in the coming centre building at GreenLab Skive, which will have access to the business park and the industrial symbiotic network. The test facilities will be available to course participants and to companies, thereby promoting a professional, field-specific, dynamic interplay between educational and business activities.

Skive College and GreenLab Skive will work closely over the next few years to build the framework and contents of an ambitious High Voltage Centre, which can serve as an anchor point for continuing and higher education at the business park.

Facts about Skive College
Skive College came into being in August 2017, with the merger of the town’s commercial and technical colleges. Skive College offers a wide range of degree programmes and continuing-education courses to provide academic and professional degrees, certifications and vocational training. The student body corresponds to 1,500 full-time students annually, including over 1,000 short-term course participants. For many years, Skive College has had programmes for electricians, and for utilities operators working with high-voltage installations (above 1,000 kV).

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Skive College and GreenLab Skive launch ambitious plan
Skive College og GreenLab Skive har indgået ambitiøs plan

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