We do mission-driven research

A global research platform fit for today’s challenges

We live in a world where the challenges we face are highly complex – and complex problems call for new kinds of solutions. That’s why GreenLab facilitates research and innovation with a new approach. It’s called mission-driven research, and it’s all about collaboration between different stakeholders and about testing theories at scale.

Climate change, global warming, resource scarcity, and energy security are some of the challenges we face today. They are characterized by being hyper-complex in the sense that they have many causes, many stakeholders, and many types of consequences. To solve complex challenges, we need to approach problem-solving in a new way.   

Mission-driven research  

At GreenLab, we work with mission-driven research. Mission-driven research is characterized by having ambitious and measurable targets, by wanting to solve big and difficult challenges, and by being a multi-stakeholder, boundary-crossing, interdisciplinary approach to so-called wicked problems. It is not only focused on inventing specific technologies for specific issues, but also aimed at facilitating a collaboration between a series of stakeholders that can lead to solutions that benefit all of society. The role of mission-driven research is to translate big challenges into concrete problems that can be solved. Not surprisingly, our focus is on problems connected to the green transition and the unnecessary waste of energy and resources in industrial processes. 



We are a living lab for solving wicked problems 

Wicked problems are an umbrella term for problems that are complex, systemic, global, have many causes, and affect many sectors and players. At GreenLab, we’re a green industrial cluster whose very existence depends on our ability to facilitate collaboration in a complex system of public and private stakeholders and interdisciplinary research teams. As such, we represent a living lab for wicked problem-solution, and we are an experienced facilitator when it comes to finding solutions that are beneficial for the many, not the few.  

We turn theory into practice 

On our international research platform, the focus is on applied research, on testing results in real-life, and on upscaling and accelerating what has only been done small-scale. We work primarily at the higher levels of the TRL scale, and our active research projects are all in the technology demonstration or system development phase.

We have a strong focus on commercialization of solutions, and we continuously look for new revenue streams and market opportunities to promote the circular economy. 

Our mission 

The overall mission of GreenLab’s research platform is to contribute to the development of a coherent energy system that creates a power shift at an industrial level. We want energy to be produced, used, and shared in new ways that help move the green energy transition forward and find solutions that can benefit all of society.