Norlys donates 30 million to GreenLab's innovation center

Norlys donates 30 million to GreenLab's innovation center

The next major construction project in GreenLab will be an innovation center to house a number of research and education activities, be the meeting point for entrepreneurs and citizens and form a framework for large events. Norlys donates 30 million to the project, which will be ready for use in 2025.

A unique framework for research, innovation and education
The most talented researchers from all over the world will work with Danish companies to find solutions to the energy challenges the world is facing. This is the ambition of GreenLab in Skive, which with DKK 30 million from Norlys, is now well on its way to building a new innovation center. In addition to research, the Innovation Center will also educate people on the skills in dire need of the coming years to achieve the green transition.

The plan is for the new innovation center to house everything from education for engineers and high voltage electricians to a module on green transition in teacher education so that the green transition can also come to the school schedule in the future primary school.

"We need people who can work with Power-to-X, High Voltage Electricity and other highly specialized tasks. Norlys is part of the entire green energy chain, from energy production to distribution. Therefore it is only natural for us also to support the research and education needed for new technologies to be developed for future energy systems, "says Gert Vinther Jørgensen, chairman of the board of Greenlab and CFO of Norlys.

Norlys, who has been co-owner of GreenLab from the beginning, decided last year to invest an additional DKK 250 million in GreenLab and thus became a majority owner.

Knowledge and experience across
The innovation center will be located in Greenlab's industrial park outside Skive. In addition to housing research and education activities, it must also offer offices to entrepreneurs, showrooms to the companies in Greenlab's industrial park, premises for large events and a visitor centre for business tourists and school classes.

"GreenLab has established a national research and educational platform, and with the new innovation center can expand the unique framework for practical research, education and university collaborations. Here different sectors and stakeholders can meet, share knowledge and create new green solutions together. By locating the innovation center in our industrial park, we ensure a link between real and contemporary challenges and the green solutions and competence needs of the future," says Thomas Hagelund Helsgaun, Deputy and Director of Greenlab.

In 2021, the Spar Vest Foundation supported the Innovation Center with DKK 30 million, and with Norly's contribution, the Innovation Center is now one step closer to becoming a reality. Greenlab is currently raising the last capital to the Innovation Center. The project is scheduled to be built in 2024 and be used in 2025.

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