About us


Industrial green business park and beyond

GreenLab is an green industrial park, a national research facility, and a technology enabler. We constitute the framework for the world’s first full-scale P2X facility, and we offer a unique, intelligent energy platform.

We believe that ambitious communities connected by common aspirations can create the POWER SHIFT that is needed to succeed with the green transition. We are a value mediator that connects key players and works for change at a system level through innovative partnerships.

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We generate green, sustainable energy for our industrial park and other partners.

The green energy is stored in all its forms – power, heat, and electrofuels – which enables us to use it when it is needed.

The SymbiosisNet™ is an intelligent grid of energy and data that lets our companies share their surplus energy. The SymbiosisNet™ enables export of the GreenLab concept to other local communities.

A truly green industrial park
with the unique SymbiosisNet®
GreenLab hosts the world’s first green industrial space. The businesses located in our industrial park are supplied with sustainable energy from multiple energy sources in the form that suits their production best.

Moreover, they are all connected to the SymbiosisNet™ – a unique smart grid solution that lets them share their surplus energy resources with each other, thereby providing a cost-effective set-up that results in maximally green end products for consumers.

Finally, GreenLab provides a plug-and-play cloud solution that enables businesses to optimize their production via a platform that integrates multiple data streams.

A National Research Facility
GreenLab provides a testbed for some of the world’s best academics concerned with the challenges posed by sustainable energy solutions. Here, scientists turn theory into practice and use GreenLab as a training facility.

The GreenLab Academy
GreenLab collaborates with institutions of higher education as well as commercial partners in the GreenLab Academy. Here, professionals come to upgrade their skillset in some of the most complex areas of expertise within green energy and hybrid solutions.

A Technology Enabler
We are a market creator for tech- and energy companies looking to explore and capitalise on P2X technologies.

Let’s create
a power shift

GreenLab works to transform the way green energy is produced, converted, stored and put to use.

We know that the world needs a green transition if we are to successfully meet the challenges posed by climate change.

And while we acknowledge and encourage the personal efforts made by individuals to be climate conscious 

consumers, we believe that the most effective way of creating an impact is by working at a system level.

That is why our work is based on a unique public/private partnership model. Our dream is to inspire others all over the world to build business parks based on GreenLab’s concept.