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British Unwasted can revolutionize the construction industry from GreenLab

Thanks to a multi-million-pound funding made by Skive investors, the road has been paved for the British company Unwasted Ltd. to build its first full-scale production site in GreenLab’s green industrial park. Unwasted makes high-quality construction boards from upcycled cardboard and packaging, and they offer a 100% sustainable alternative to conventional panels. Unwasted’s energy profile is a perfect match for GreenLab’s facilities.

GreenLab continues to attract sustainable companies with new technologies to its green industrial park. After several years of mutual interest, the way has been cleared for British Unwasted to place its first full-scale production site in Skive, Denmark. This is made possible by a multi-million-pound funding from local Skive investors.

A revolution for the furniture and construction industries
Unwasted’s star product is the construction board Neverwaste™ which offers a sustainable alternative to conventional construction boards used in the furniture and construction industries. The green potential in these industries is massive and Neverwaste™ eliminates the many disadvantages of conventional boards. Conventional boards are made from timber and resin which are toxic in production and in use, and which are virtually impossible to dispose of responsibly. Neverwaste™, on the other hand, is made from upcycled and repurposed waste cardboard and packaging that is 100% recyclable. Unwasted has a pilot plant in the UK but will be ready for full-scale production soon.

A perfect match for GreenLab
Making the Neverwaste™ construction boards involves a large amount of energy – the production requires both steam and high temperatures.

GreenLab offers a 100% sustainable energy supply from sun and wind, and furthermore, Unwasted’s excess energy can be utilized by the other companies in GreenLab via the Symbiosis Net©.

Anders Larsen, GreenLab’s CTO, says: “Usually, a factory like the one Unwasted is building would get its steam supply from a natural gas boiler, but at GreenLab, we can supply all the steam they need ourselves – we produce it with energy from our wind turbines that would otherwise have gone to waste. That way, the energy is used in the most optimal way”.

Christopher Sorensen, GreenLab’s CEO says: “We are very happy about the local funding for Unwasted Ltd. – it is an important step towards the realization of the production site at GreenLab.

Our goal is to be the most attractive site for new green technologies, and we are convinced that GreenLab’s platform will create added value for Unwasted and ensure that the energy streams are used in the best way possible. That enables the production of a 100% circular end product”.​

One of the investors, Bertel Gantriis, adds: “Unwasted represents a large green growth potential for the Skive area, and that is why we find it interesting. We are proud to be able to contribute to the regional development by funding green technology and creating new jobs.

GreenLab is a perfect match for Unwasted’s production facilities, and we look forward to finalizing the agreement in the coming months”.

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