GreenLab to be catalyst for global P2X market

Together with a series of partners, GreenLab will create the world’s first largescale facility for production of green hydrogen and methanol

GreenLab just received a grant of €10,7 million from the Danish Energy Agency’s funds for energy storage. The purpose of the grant is to cement Denmark’s position on the global green energy market. Together with a series of partners, GreenLab will create the world’s first largescale facility for production of green hydrogen and methanol. Here, green energy from the wind and the sun will be converted to other forms of energy and then stored. Afterwards, it can be used as sustainable fuels for heavy transport and the process industry. The technology is called P2X and holds enormous export potential for Denmark – and the world. The project entails (among other things) the establishment of a 10 MW methanol plant and a 12 MW electrolysis plant. Electrical power will come from a local 80MW hybrid wind and pv plant.

Denmark’s next energy adventure – Europe’s new green flagship
Christopher Sorensen, CEO of GreenLab, has a clear ambition: GreenLab will be a name as familiar to the world as Vestas or Maersk – sooner rather than later.

“Denmark has an ambitious goal of reducing its CO2-emmissions with 70% before 2030 – and reach complete climate neutrality by 2050. If we are to achieve those goals, there is simply no getting around P2X”, says Christopher Sorensen, who has previously been in charge of the CO2-neutral city of Masdar in Abu Dhabi. “GreenLab will also be a green flagship in a European context – we’re a nexus that demonstrates and actually implements the EU climate agreement”.

Trucks fuelled by wind and container ships fuelled by the sun
GreenLab focuses on two areas of utilization for P2X: Locally, the converted power will be used as a source of energy for GreenLab’s green industrial business park. Here, a series of companies produce CO2-neutral products – something that in itself will save the local area 80.000 tons of CO2 every year. But at a global level, GreenLab’s electrofuels will help create one of the largest and most pressing transitions facing the world: The green transition of the transport sector. In fact, the electrofuels produced in GreenLab will be considered 100% sustainable according to the REDII directive.

“As a part of the project, we are building the world’s first green, full-scale, combined hydrogen and methanol plant to support green transport”, says Steen Harding Hintze, Director of Development in GreenLab.

 “It is ground-breaking that we have created a project that brings together all the necessary players needed to succeed with P2X – from the wind producers to the hydrogen producers to the sales link. There are 11 partners involved – all with different areas of expertise, but all with a shared ambition”.

Catalyst for new energy market
The P2X production starts in GreenLab in 2022, and that will mark the beginning of a platform that will drive a completely new energy market – both in Denmark and globally. Norlys is an energy- and telecommunications supply company and one of the 11 partners involved in the project, and Lars Bo Jensen, Director in Norlys, has high expectations for P2X as a new export market for Denmark. “There is no doubt in my mind that this head start will give Denmark a great advantage on the global energy market for P2X”, he says.

A possible solution for Maersk
One of the customers on the future energy market is A.P. Moller – Maersk who is at the forefront of the global shipping trade’s climate ambitions with the company’s goal of a CO2-neutral fleet in 2050. 

For this goal to be met, Maersk needs to identify and mature the right technologies by 2030 at the latest – in collaboration with the wider ecosystem of the shipping industry.

“The challenge of becoming CO2-neutral is both a necessity at a business level and at a societal level – and it is an invitation to begin new, innovative collaborations around sustainable solutions.

 We have 10 years to identify and 20 years to mature and scale the right, commercially viable solutions that will drive our +700 ships into a sustainable future. P2X has the potential to become one of these solutions, and GreenLab is an exciting partner that we look forward to collaborating with in the years to come”, says Ole Graa Jakobsen, Vice President, Head of Fleet Technology at Maersk Line.

Besides GreenLab A/S, the consortium of partners consists of Eurowind Energy A/S, GreenHydrogen A/S, Norlys Holding A/S, RE:Integrate Aps, Energinet Electricity System Operator A/S, Danish Gas Technology Center, Everfuel Europe A/S, E.on Danmark A/S, DTU Energy, EA Energy Analyses

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GreenLab bliver dansk katalysator for nyt, globalt P2X energimarked
Danish company GreenLab to be catalyst for new, global energy market within P2X