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Denmark's first power-to-X facility dedicated to test, training and education

Soon, companies, educational institutions, and researchers can gain practical experience with Power-to-X at GreenLab. By the end of 2024, a Power-to-X test facility will be established inside the green industrial park. It will be the first of its kind in Denmark, aimed at securing future practical skills within Power-to-X.

Realistic training to complement textbooks and assist companies 

The Power-to-X test facility is a formerly commercially used facility and is expected to be inaugurated in the fourth quarter of this year. The facility is equipped with an advanced 0,5 MW electrolysis module from Green Hydrogen Systems, as well as a flow battery and a lithium battery. The electrolyser is a similar to the module in the GreenHyScale project's 6 MW commercial Power-to-X plant at GreenLab, thus enabling realistic tests and training scenarios. There has already been significant interest from the industry in training at such a facility, which supplements theoretical knowledge with essential practical learning. 

Companies, for example, can improve their safety procedures through practical courses, become better at troubleshooting facilities, or test new components on a large scale and in a real-life setting. 

A “Game changer” for research 

Universities also see great potential in the new facility. It can for example, be used to test new methods for optimising the production, consumption, and storage of green energy. Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen, Corporate Director at DTU, says: "It’s a gamechanger for both our students and researchers to have access to a physical training and research facility within Power-to-X. With this facility, we can create an attractive educational and research environment, equipping future engineers to tackle global challenges within the green transition. In this way, we can contribute to educating more engineers throughout Denmark.” 





Facts about the Power-to-X test and education facility 
  • Inauguration of facility expected at the end of 2024 
  • Size: 0.5 MW  
  • The facility is fully operational but will primarily be used for testing as well as educational and research activities 
  • GreenLab’s research platform with projects at the four technical universities in Denmark will be among the first users of the facility 
  • From the end of Q4, the facility will also be available for lease to educational institutions, companies, and researchers in general 
  • In the future, the facility will be connected to GreenLab’s internal green infrastructure, SymbiosisNet 

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