This is how to turn 9 million into 1 billion

The Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs visited GreenLab today and finds the results impressive

Denmark’s Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, visited GreenLab today to see for himself how a grant of DKK 9 million from the Ministry of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs has resulted in an innovative, green business park which has managed to attract private investments of more than one billion DKK in just a few years. Among other things, the secret to success is to be found in a unique model of collaboration.

Today, the Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, visited GreenLab to see how a grant from the Targeted Business Initiative has created impressive results here. In just a few years, GreenLab has established the foundation of an innovative, industrial business park in Skive.

A park that develops green solutions to the climate challenges of the future in close collaboration with scientists and international companies. GreenLab has done this while attracting private investments of more than 1 billion DKK to the local area.

“The industrial business park GreenLab in Skive is a prime example of how it is possible to support a sustainable development while creating development for businesses and industries”, says Simon Kollerup.

“The focus here on green power and circular use of each other’s resources is appealing to many businesses. Not just because it is green, but because it is a good investment – it simply makes sense from a business point of view”.

“The fact that the industrial business park here in Skive is so successful shows that development and innovation doesn’t just take place in and around the biggest cities in the country. It underlines that serious work is being done to create a green transition in other places than Aarhus and Copenhagen – it is definitely possible to create great results right here, close to the Limfjord.”

Unique model of collaboration
One of the things that makes GreenLab special is its unique Private-Public-Partnership model. GreenLab has a shared ownership between a public player (Skive Municipality), a private company (Norlys), and two commercial foundations (the Spar Vest Foundation and the Energy Foundation of Skive). This constellation has played an important role in GreenLab’s fast results, according to the evaluation of the grant from the Ministry of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs.


“We are very happy about the positive evaluation in Skive Municipality”, says Peder Christian Kirkegaard, Mayor of Skive Municipality. “From the beginning, we have believed firmly that a strong public-private partnership was the key to developing a new, innovative industrial business park in Skive – so it’s great to get recognition for our work. It’s hard to tell which other companies GreenLab can help attract to the Skive area, but the possibilities are great, and GreenLab can be the beginning of a business adventure for our area”, he says.

GreenLab’s commercial platform is built on years of preliminary work in the Energy Foundation of Skive where the conceptual development and legal work has been supported by the The Danish Agency for Trade and Industry. Stig Christensen is the chairman of the board in the Energy Foundation of Skive, and he is happy about the results and expects great things in the future. “I am positively surprised about the willingness from the authorities and the courage shown by the private sector in the work to find sustainable solutions – even when it wasn’t easy. We especially welcome the political attention and the commercial interest in green solutions”, he says.

GreenLab’s strength is its versatility
There is no doubt in the mind of Christopher Sorensen, CEO in GreenLab, on how GreenLab has succeeded in such a short time: “GreenLab is not a niche project that is only focused on one thing. It is actually a concrete execution of the future’s circular economy based on green energy and its reutilization – the so-called P2X technology.

GreenLab’s SymbiosisNet is a unique infrastructure developed to create storage and reutilization of green energy in all its shapes.

To perform this task, we collaborate across the boundaries of public and private interests and across the boundaries of scientists and businesses. We integrate a wide range of green solutions and with our full-scale concept, the business park can create new solutions at an industrial level – both within the transport sector and the digital field.”

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This is how to turn 9 million into 1 billion: GreenLab’s results are impressive – and are due to more than a good sense of business
Sådan bliver 9 millioner til 1 milliard: GreenLabs resultater imponerer – og skyldes mere end god forretningssans

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