GreenLab model to be replicated in the States

New cooperation agreement to create integrated energy and industrial parks in the USA

On 3 May, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trade Council in North America, the American infrastructure company SixCo and the Danish green industrial park GreenLab signed a cooperation agreement that will lead to the implementation of new green energy and industrial parks in the state of Nevada based on the Danish model.

A green cooperation agreement
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trade Council in North America signed a letter of intent with the green industrial park developer GreenLab and American SixCo – an organization of American companies that focus on infrastructure projects, especially within industry and commerce. The cooperation agreement has been concluded with the support of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development and the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority.

- SixCo Nevada, Inc is honoured and excited to participate in collaboration with the Danish Trade Council and GreenLab. Bringing GreenLab's circular "no waste" model to Nevada will strengthen the state's aspirations to become an energy catalyst for the US and North America, says Derick Hembd, president of SixCo, Nevada.

Knowledge sharing and replication
With the cooperation agreement, the partners involved have committed to exchanging knowledge to develop new green energy and industrial parks in Nevada and potentially elsewhere in the United States.

The concept behind the new sustainable energy and industrial park in Nevada originates from GreenLab at Skive. Here, significant success has been achieved in creating sustainable synergies between companies and, at the same time creating new green business models and local green growth.

Milestone for GreenLab
The cooperation agreement with American SixCo is the first time that GreenLab will be involved in establishing a similar project across the Atlantic. It is something that Christopher Sorensen, who is CEO of GreenLab, is looking forward to:

- We are happy to share the knowledge we have gained in GreenLab and look forward to working further with our methodology, among other things, through training courses and mission-driven research projects. It has been our aim from the start to create a replicable model for a coherent "no-waste" energy system, and we intend to help facilitate this in the USA.


As part of the agreement, a number of fact-finding missions facilitated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trade Council are included, which must also facilitate cooperation and forward-looking projects. A date has yet to be set for when there will be broken ground for Nevada's new green and circular energy and industrial parks.