New COO at GreenLab

GreenLab hires strong Mærsk profile as new COO

Thomas Hagelund Helsgaun is leaving his position as Managing Director for Maersk Training to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer in GreenLab on October 1st. Here he will be responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the Skive site and the execution of GreenLab's ambitious growth plans within research and education, among other things. The opportunity to contribute to developing solutions for the green transition is an important motivational factor for him.

Welcome to the new COO
GreenLab is a rapidly growing organisation with high ambitions, and for a while, we have been looking for an experienced profile with strong execution skills who can lead the operations in Skive and take overall responsibility for the further development of GreenLab as a research platform – including the financing of the coming GreenLab Innovation Center. The search is now over, and on October 1st, Thomas Hagelund Helsgaun will begin as GreenLab’s new COO.  

Since 2018, Thomas Hagelund Helsgaun has been the Managing Director of Maersk Training, an independent business unit under A.P. Møller-Mærsk with a global presence and with innovation, optimisation solutions, and consultancy as its focus. In addition, he has held several management positions in Maersk, worked for NATO's management, and has a past in the Danish Armed Forces. 



Thomas Hagelund Helsgaun believes his main contributions to GreenLab will be his global outlook, strong management experience, and business understanding.

"GreenLab is in a really exciting place right now where the opportunities are many, ambitions are high, and what we have to offer is extremely relevant. I look forward to using my skills at the operational level, in the realization of the GreenLab Innovation Center, and in the further development of GreenLab. It will be a role where I can use my experience in business scaling, growth, developing new initiatives, and where I can help build a bridge between research activities and business needs. The role requires both local execution and a global view – and that suits me very well," Thomas says. 

From big visions to concrete goals
Our CEO of GreenLab, Christopher Sorensen, is happy and proud that GreenLab has been able to attract a profile like Thomas Hagelund Helsgaun and looks forward to his perspective on the green industrial park. "Thomas is very strong in business strategy and execution. He can turn big visions into concrete goals, and I look forward to him contributing to making GreenLab's business even stronger". 

Thomas Hagelund Helsgaun has had the whole world as his workplace for a long time, but his home address has been in Skive for the past 14 years. Having his professional life in his hometown is new to him, but very appealing: "I look forward to giving something back to my local community while contributing to a national and global agenda. It is very meaningful to contribute to the development of Skive as a climate city and help create growth, educational opportunities and jobs where I live", he says. 

For further information, please contact: 

Linda Fejerskov
Communications Lead
+45 29 81 17 22