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Our partners are the key to our success

Without partners, there would be no GreenLab. We have two types of partners:
Partners who are a located in our green industrial park and external innovation and technology partners.

Business park partner: Stiesdal

Stiesdal’s SkyClean facility utilizes straw and other agricultural residues to make green fuel and capture and store CO2 - half of the carbon in the residue is converted to biochar, while the other half becomes oil and gas.

The Stiesdal Company was founded with the purpose of developing and commercializing technologies that have major impact on mitigating climate change.

Business park partner: Unwasted

Unwasted manufactures high quality construction panels from waste cardboard and packaging and offers a 100% circular and sustainable alternative to conventional timber-based panels.

Unwasted Concept Image

The sustainable construction panel from Neverwaste™ is the first product from Unwasted Limited, a fast-growing company focused on technology-led solutions that re-think how we use waste to contribute to addressing our climate emergency.

Business park partner: Vestjyllands Andel's Starfish Factory

Vestjyllands Andel’s Starfish factory produces protein for animal feed basd on star fish sourced from Limfjorden. Star fish protein is a sustainable alternative to soy and is used as an ingredient in organic feed for pigs and chickens.

Vestjyllands Andel’s Starfish factory
Here, starfish, shrimp shells and grass are turned into a sustainable protein source by dehydrating the biomass.

Business park partner: NOMI4S

NOMI4S handles waste – or rather, recourses – for GreenLab as well as for Skive municipality. NOMI4S also sources material streams for companies located in GreenLab.

NOMI4S is GreenLab and Skive’s recycling station that handles waste in an environmentally and resource-conscious way.

Business park partner: Michael Bisgaard

One of our important local partners is Michael Bisgaard who supplies manure and green biomass to the biogas facility at GreenLab. In total, approximately 500.000 tonnes of manure and biomass is delivered to the plant every year.

Michael Bisgaard
Michael Bisgaard runs an organic farm close to GreenLab and is part of a large supplier organisation that keeps the biogas facility running.

Business park partner: Quantafuel

Quantafuel is located in the GreenLab business park. Here, Plant Director Rasmus Hvid Kærsgaard and his team produce high-quality petrochemical products from plastic-waste that can’t be recycled in any other way.

Quantafuel produces high-quality synthetic fuels and chemical products based on non-recyclable plastic waste

Partners of the green industrial park

The industrial park is the heart of our operation. It is home to a group of green companies that share our vision of becoming leaders within integrated green energy, sustainable production, and intelligent grid solutions. All businesses are supplied with sustainable energy from multiple energy sources in the form that suits their production best. Moreover, they will all be connected to the SymbiosisNet™ – a unique smart grid solution.

GreenLab’s external innovation and technology partners

We rely on a range of partnerships that help us enable change and push the boundaries of technology and collaboration by finding common ground between policymakers, utilities, commercial, public and academic players. They include: Institutions of higher education, commercial players with deep knowledge of green energy and P2X, and energy and utility companies.