Capital injection to GreenLab Skive

New funding will enable the first intelligent energy symbiosis at GreenLab

The utilities company Eniig, Skive Municipality and Spar Vest Fonden will enter GreenLab Skive A/S. This means ownership will be clearly rooted in the local community, with a capital injection of 75m DKK reinforcing GreenLab Skive A/S in its quest to develop the leading intelligent energy symbiosis.

GreenLab Skive A/S is poised and equipped for a breakthrough in green-transition technology, and the ambition is clear: GreenLab Skive A/S aims to lead the worlds most intelligent energy symbiosis.

“Our aim with GreenLab Skive A/S is to revolutionize energy, and to prove that transitioning to greener energy isn’t just a possible way forward, but actually part of a profitable journey,” says CEO of GreenLab Skive A/S, Christopher Sorensen. “Along with our partners, we are going to build an intelligent symbiotic energy network that pushes the boundaries for storing and utilizing energy as efficiently as possible.”

The basic idea of this “energy symbiosis” at is that if one company produces more electricity than it needs, it can exchange its surplus power with a second company in the symbiotic network. And if the second company produces excess heat, it can share that heat with the first company – or with a third company. By conversion and exchange GreenLab Skive A/S also contributes to the national focus on energy storage.

At the GreenLab Skive business park, several companies are already in place.

“Before the year is over, we’ll have the first four companies operating at the site. Our circular approach benefits not only the companies but also society as a whole, and it has aroused quite a bit of interest, in Denmark and abroad,” Christopher Sorensen explains.

“The local ownership we will be announcing is important for our ability to build the unique infrastructure at GreenLab Skive A/S, opening opportunities for new, innovative solutions in intelligent green energy and sustainable production.” 

This solid local ownership base will consolidate the consortium allowing work to proceed apace. In recent years, GreenLab Skive has assembled a variety of partners with real industry clout, including Siemens Gamesa, GreenLab Skive Vind ApS, the Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University, GreenLab Skive Biogas ApS, DEIF, Frontmatec, Quantafuel, Erhvervsakademi Dania, Skive College and Danish Marine Protein.

Together, this circle of partners paves the way for a commercial breakthrough as part of the green transition.

Chairman of the board at GreenLab Skive A/S, Mr. Stig P. Christensen, is very pleased with the future ownership structure: “They have been supporting GreenLab Skive for a long time, so they’re ready to ensure that development can continue here in Skive. With the challenges we face as a society, we must have the courage and the will to forge new partnerships. With their commitment the future owners unmistakably show that they have the will to lead in moving towards the new energy paradigm, again giving Denmark a leading role as front runner in energy solutions.”

For more information kindly contact

Stig P. Christensen
Chairman of the Board, GreenLab Skive A/S
T: (+45) 2029 5111

Christopher Sorensen
CEO, GreenLab Skive A/S
T: (+45) 6056 5499

Fact about GreenLab Skive
GreenLab Skive is a unique business park in Jutland, Denmark, for companies actively working with energy storage and resource efficiency. GreenLab Skive A/S’s ambitious goal is to be the world leader in intelligent energy symbiosis. The business park is located at the crossroads of the national Danish gas and electricity grids.

Companies who set up at GreenLab Skive will have the advantage of a facilitated symbiotic energy network that develops and explores new opportunities for technology and business arising from the exchange of surplus energy and resources.

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