GreenLab Innovation Foundation

New GreenLab Innovation Foundation

The GreenLab Innovation Foundation was established in August 2023 and has now been approved by the Danish Business Authority. The foundation's purpose includes overseeing the realization of the GreenLab Innovation Center – a coming center for innovation, research, and education located in GreenLab. The GreenLab Innovation center will have a special focus on accelerating the green transition of hard-to-abate sectors and energy storage technologies.

The GreenLab Innovation Foundation has already formed a board consisting of key figures from the national and international business community:

  • Jens Nielsen, CEO of the World Climate Foundation
  • Robbert Stecher, Senior Vice President for Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Norlys
  • Peter Højsgaard, Director of Spar Vest Foundation
  • Christopher Sorensen, CEO of GreenLab

On August 31st, the GreenLab Innovation Foundation held its first official board meeting. Here, the board appointed Christopher Sorensen as chairman and Peter Højsgaard as deputy chairman. Additionally, Thomas Helsgaun, COO of GreenLab, has been appointed CEO of the foundation.

A green beacon
The GreenLab Innovation Center will have a global outlook and a goal of becoming a beacon for innovation, research, and education. The Innovation Center aims to facilitate collaboration between businesses and top researchers from around the world to find new sustainable solutions to global energy challenges. With a vision of bridging academic expertise and practical application, the center will also host educational programs that develop the necessary skills for a more sustainable future.

Jens Nielsen, CEO at World Climate Foundation looks forward to joining the board and says: "I am delighted to join the GreenLab Innovation Foundation's board. The heatwaves and wildfires that we have seen around the world this summer are clear messages to us that we need much more green energy and innovation within circular economy to build a sustainable future on a global scale. I am excited to use our more than 10 years of experience in accelerating global collaboration to help propel green transition initiatives onto the world stage"

Funding in Progress
Both Norlys and Spar Vest Foundation have expressed their commitment by offering support of up to 30 million Danish kroner each to the project. The overall goal of the foundation is to carry out preparatory work and secure the total funding for the establishment of the Innovation Center. The foundation is open to building new partnerships for the creation of the Innovation Center and its activities.

The upcoming Innovation Center will be located in GreenLab's green industrial park outside of Skive. In addition to hosting research and educational activities and providing offices for entrepreneurs, the intention is also to establish showrooms for the companies in GreenLab's industrial park, potential local businesses, spaces for major events, and a visitor center for business tourists and school classes.

GreenLab's CEO, Christopher Sorensen, is pleased with the establishment of the foundation: "The establishment of the GreenLab Innovation Foundation reflects GreenLab's and its stakeholders' ambitions and commitment to the coming Innovation Center and it’s activites. With our hands-on experience in energy storage technologies, industrial symbiosis, and zero waste, GreenLab is the ideal location for an innovation center where we can attract and support research in green technologies and develop the necessary competencies required for the green transition. The establishment of the foundation will contribute to a faster financing of the Innovation Center and its associated research activities."

The GreenLab Innovation Foundation Board:

Further questions?
A new website for The GreenLab Innovation Foundation is currently under construction.

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