GreenLab Summit 2023

GREENLAB SUMMIT 2023: Get the Experts' Take on Tomorrow’s Energy System and Solutions for the Global Green Energy Transition

How will tomorrow’s energy system look? What needs to change, and how can we create the right conditions for green investments, new business models, and new value chains? How can we ensure that we address the right issues at the right time? This is the focus of GreenLab Summit in Skive on November 8th, where a group of Danish and international experts will answer some of our time’s most pressing questions.

GreenLab is known as Skive's green industrial park, where some of the country's most innovative green companies are located. Here, new technologies, business models, and infrastructure are tested, and solutions for the future integrated energy system are developed in collaboration with national and international stakeholders.

Thus, GreenLab is the perfect host for a conference with tomorrow’s energy system at the top of its agenda. On November 8th, KulturCenter Skive is the venue for GreenLab Summit. Here, prominent figures within the green energy sector will meet to discuss how theory can become practice as quickly as possible to make the green energy transition a reality.

From Stanford and Yale to Norlys and Novo – Connecting Theory with Reality

The moderator of the day is Stine D. Arensbach, who holds a PhD from the Royal Danish Academy in collaboration with Stanford University. She will facilitate the day and guide the audience through contributions from both Danish and international participants. The guiding principle throughout the event is to connect theories with the real world pragmatically.

"GreenLab's raison d'être is to utilise renewable energy in industry better and test new green solutions on a large scale. This is where you can come and kick the tires and see future technological solutions being built in reality," says Christopher Sorensen, CEO of GreenLab. "That's why GreenLab Summit is where researchers meet business leaders and public actors, exchange ideas, inspire each other, and learn from pioneer projects and practical experiences. This will characterize the event on November 8th."

Three Sessions and Experts with Various Perspectives

GreenLab Summit has three sessions that focus on green and circular industrial clusters, the future energy market, and the green energy transition as a "wicked problem."

Throughout the day, GreenLab's own experts will contribute with deep dives into specific topics. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet experts such as Dr Marian Chertow, professor at Yale University, Chris Cassidy from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Niels Duedahl, CEO of Norlys, Jacob Nørgaard Andersen, CEO of Stiesdal, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO of Brintbranchen, Libbe Skovgaard-Petersen, Head of Commercial Management at Topsoe Power-to-X, and Kristina Lee, Corporate Vice President for Service Operations, Sustainability & Facilities at Novo Nordisk.

The event includes keynotes and panel discussions where essential topics will be thoroughly debated. During lunch, there will be an opportunity to meet GreenLab's site partners at a special exhibition, including companies like Stiesdal, Green Hydrogen Systems, Unwasted, Lhyfe, Quantafuel, Vestjylland’s Andel, Organic Fuel Technology, and various of GreenLab's mission-driven research projects in collaboration with the country's technical universities and the VILLUM Foundation.

The day will conclude with a networking dinner, and on November 9th, attendees can book a tour of GreenLab to meet several of the companies.

GreenLab Summit 2023
Date: November 8th, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Location: KulturCenter Skive
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GreenLab Summit 2023