New collaboration between DTU and GreenLab

DTU and GreenLab Skive to collaborate on ambitious national energy-storage programme

On 16 April 2018 it was made official: the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and GreenLab Skive signed a formal agreement for strategic collaboration on Denmark’s national goals to promote energy storage.

Renewable energy and sustainable energy technologies are core areas in research for many departments at the Technical University of Denmark. These include DTU Energi, DTU Vind, DTU Mekanik, DTU Elektro, DTU Compute and DTU Kemiteknik,. “We are really pleased with this agreement. It’s a foundation for solid collaboration between research and industry. In the energy systems of the future, with large amounts of power coming from solar and wind – both sources that fluctuate a lot, obviously – it’s decisive for us to become able to convert and store this energy. GreenLab Skive provides an exceptionally good testing ground for doing just that, full-scale,” explains Professor Søren Linderoth, Head of Department at DTU Energi.

The first four companies in the GreenLab Skive industrial park will begin developing their lots and constructing their facilities within the next six months. That makes it important to set up a collaboration environment among researchers and companies from the outset, to ensure optimum utilization and storage of the energy resources in the park’s industrial symbiotic network.

“For GreenLab Skive, this collaboration is a milestone in our efforts to promote energy conversion and storage: a cornerstone in the whole concept of GreenLab Skive as a key hub for integrating and storing energy.

We’re incredibly pleased and proud to have this new partner, and we really look forward to working with DTU to make the most of all the opportunities – and bring them into the real world,” says Executive Director Steen Harding Hintze of Energifonden Skive.

Over the coming year, DTU and GreenLab Skive will be working hard to make GreenLab Skive a strong player in Denmark’s nationwide efforts to promote energy storage.

Facts about the Technical University of Denmark
The Technical University of Denmark, widely known as DTU, is a leading technical and scientific university, recognised for its strong international standing and networks. DTU’s goal is to develop and utilise the natural and technical sciences for the benefit of society. DTU has a student body of some 11,000 and a total staff of 5,800. DTU focuses on education, research, consultancy, public-sector consultancy services, and innovation that benefits society as a whole.

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DTU and GreenLab Skive to collaborate on ambitious national energy-storage programme

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