Five new research projects

Five new research projects to develop new ways of producing, sharing, and storing energy.

Researchers from five research projects will test and demonstrate solutions for producing, sharing, and storing energy. The VILLUM FOUNDATION's donation of DKK 20 million in 2021 still puts researchers to work at GreenLab. A total of 26 applications have been received, of which five research projects have just been selected to receive funds for mission-driven research in GreenLab.

Third funding round

The funding comes from a grant of DKK 20 million, which VILLUM FONDEN granted in 2021 to boost a new national research and demonstration platform headed by GreenLab and DTU. The research projects constitute the third round of donations, and 12 research projects are now underway in the research park.

”The new projects generally have two different focus areas: Rethinking the way energy is produced, shared, and stored—in industrial parks as well as in society at large—and optimizing the way green industrial parks such as GreenLab are developed. Both aspects are important if we are to find new ways in the green transition,” says Thomas Hagelund Helsgaun, COO, GreenLab.

New solutions to complex problems

GreenLab works with so-called mission-driven research. This means tackling some of society's most important and complex issues requiring innovative solutions. 

The focus is on new energy systems, circular economy, and how to run industry in the most sustainable way.

”At GreenLab Skive, we develop new technologies, new ways of thinking circularly, and new forms of collaboration between public and private stakeholders. This is necessary to support the green transition,” says DTU President Anders Bjarklev.

”The collaboration not only gives DTU researchers and students unique opportunities to carry out projects of great scientific quality. They can also test, optimize and demonstrate innovative solutions on a scale that can serve as direct inspiration for the implementation of tomorrow’s energy systems.”

Four of the new projects originate from DTU, and the last one comes from Aalborg University.

The five research projects:

  1. The ICEIS project investigates how excess heat in one industrial unit can cover the cooling needs of another.

  2. The project Synergizing water, heat and industry for a sustainable energy transition with Power-to-X investigates whether purified industrial wastewater can be used as a water supply for Power-to-X in a world where scarcity of water is an increasing problem.

  3. The Honore project investigates whether it is possible to use electrochemistry to neutralize unpleasant odours from a given industry. It will be tested whether smells from industrial processes in GreenLab can be reduced.
  4. The Locomutive project investigates whether developing a transparent market model for industrial symbioses and their local areas is possible.

  5. The Pump it Up project investigates how the temperature of waste heat from industry can be raised to higher temperatures, so it can be utilized for supplying e.g. steam, district heating or cooling.