Retrospect: GreenLab Summit 2023

Retrospect: GreenLab Summit 2023

GreenLab Summit is where we invite the brightest minds to exchange ideas, inspire each other, and learn from the latest research and pioneer projects.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Skyttevej 12-14, 7800 Skive

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Program, speakers & presentations 

11:00 Welcome

By moderator Stine D. Arensbach, PhD from the Royal Danish Academy, in collaboration with Stanford University in Designing multi-stakeholder co-creation initiatives

Session 1: An energy sector in transition: What will be the new normal?

11:10 Opening keynote

The inevitable role of industrial clusters in a speedy energy transition
By GreenLab CEO Christopher Sorensen


11:30 Keynote

The middle-out approach to industrial symbiosis development
By Dr. Marian Chertow, Professor of Industrial Environmental Management and Director of Center for Industrial Ecology at Yale School of the Environment 


11:50 Expert Session

The components of a future energy system and scaling of technology 

    New energy systems - new value chains By Niels Duedahl, CEO, Norlys 


    Scaling of technology through industrial clusters By Jacob Nørgaard Andersen, CEO, Stiesdal


    Green Industrial Clusters' full potential in rural development and a just transition By Chris Cassidy, Renewable Energy Advisor, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Rural Development


12:30 Networking lunch and time to visit the Exhibition

Meet GreenLab's site partners and learn more about our 12 mission-driven research projects

Session 2 - A new green energy market: Who pays the price, and who wins the prize?

13:30 Announcement 

13:45 Deep Dive

Inefficiencies in the green transition: Balancing incentives, finance, and risk by GreenLab CFO, Annette Vestergaard Christensen.


14:00 Keynote

Market drivers for flexible electrification, the green premiums puzzle and the energy security factor
by Mark Meldrum, Head of Europe, Rondo Energy Inc.


14:20 Expert Session

Market making

     New business cases, benchmarks and paths to Final Investment Decisions By Peter Damgaard Jensen, Chair, AIP Managemen

     European support for hydrogen infrastructure and incentives as market drivers By Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO, Hydrogen Denmark and Boardmember Hydrogen Europe


     From test to GW scale By Libbe Skovgaard-Petersen, Head of Commercial Management, Topsoe, Power-to-X


15:00 Break and time to visit Exhibition

Session 3: Solving wicked problems: What is the scale of the energy transition challenge? Get ready to effectively navigate climate change mitigation

15:30 Deep Dive

Asking the right questions and solving the right problems
by GreenLab CTO, Anders Bøje Larsen.


15:45 Closing Keynote

Choosing the right path
By Anders Lund Madsen, Journalist & Entertainer

16:15 Expert Session

Wicked problems and pragmatic solutions

     Investing in energy systems for an unknown future by Lasse Sørensen, Head of Business Development, Kredsløb. 


     Mega-scale industrial energy transition: The Novo Nordisk Story by Kristina Lee, Corporate Vice President - Service operations, Sustainability & Facilities, Novo Nordisk


     Identifying feasible and impactful solutions in a world where green is the new black by Joachim Sperling, Director, Axcelfuture


17:00 Closing remarks

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About the event

Participants: +250 
November 8, 11:
00 – 17:00 
Venue: KulturCenter Skive, Skyttevej 12-14, 7800 Skive 
Program and speakers: Will be updated continuously 
Language: The event will be conducted in English

Additional activities:

Networking dinner: Join our networking dinner Wednesday evening
Site tour:
Join us for an optional site tour Thursday from 10:00 - 12:00

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