GreenBubble - ROI on green technology

GreenBubble – ROI on green technology

This research project examines how to strike the right balance between investments in green technology and the return on investments for the green transition. This is done through the use of open-source energy system software, which investigates the interaction between energy prices and GreenLab Skive’s dynamic CO2-emissions. 

Finalised project result:

During the project it was implemented a hourly model for optimization of capacity and dispatch at GreenLab Skive, through the open-source framework PyPSA. The results of the techno-economic optimization include:

  • Estimation of hydrogen and e-methanol production cost at GreenLab according to RFNBOs regulation for 2030.
  • Estimation of behind-the-meter energy prices and their dependency on grid energy prices, emission and CO2 tax.

Associate Professor Gorm Bruun Andresen (Aarhus University, Mechanical and Production Engineering):
“Working with GreenLab has been an interesting journey in an organization open to new solutions and innovation. It was a research project driven by a mission which was endorsed and supported by GreenLab through an open minded collaboration and constant support. The research community is diversified over several fields of engineering economics and sustaibility enhancing learning and opportunity for further collaboration". 


Journal Article: “Power-to-X integration in biogas plants: industrial symbiosis and cost optimal production of hydrogen and e-fuels” in preparation for submission to Energy Conversion and Management

Conference Article: Enhancing biogas plants through Power-to-X integration for efficient hydrogen and e-fuel production” accepted to ECOS2024 conference.

Funding Agency: 

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Project Contact

Gorm Bruun Andresen
Associate Professor
Aarhus University
+45 29 42 61 79

GreenLab Contact

Eoghan Rattigan
Industrial Sustainability Scientist
+45 81 10 41 88

Project timeframe

Starts: 01.08.2022
Ends: 31.02.2023

Project result

Publications coming soon

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