Design and replication of eco-industrial parks

Design and replication principles for eco-industrial parks

Watch Lucia Mortensen explain the Design and Replication research project. 

is project focuses on the d
esign and replication principles for curated eco-industrial parks. The purpose is to create an overview of the lessons learned from the development of a series of eco-industrial parks and to provide recommendations for future design principles. The project also looks specifically at GreenLab’s development to find out what the next step of this particular eco-industrial park should be. 

Funding Agency: 

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Project Contact

Lone Kørnøv
Aalborg University
+45 23 10 44 48

GreenLab Contact

Eoghan Rattigan
Industrial Sustainability Scientist
+45 81 10 41 88

Project timeframe

Starts: 01.10.2022
Ends: 30.06.2023

Project results

Scientific Article


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