Frits Krejberg

Meet Frits Krejberg

What do you do in your role as Sr. Infrastructure Project Manager?​ 
I work with infrastructure projects in the park related to water, heat and electricity and projects related to the SymbiosisNet, site development and more. I am in close dialogue with key partners such as N1, Skive Municipality and Skive Vand.  

I also work with the development of a new GIS system, which will help to improve the external and internal coordination and planning between all wiring systems, buildings, and technical facilities. 

What attracted you to working at GreenLab?​ 
I live in Skive and have followed GreenLab’s development from the start, and I think it is a very exciting, locally rooted project. So, when I got the chance to work at GreenLab, I had no doubts. My wide variety of experience is also good to have at a workplace like GreenLab, where things change and develop rapidly.  

What challenges are the most interesting in your job?​ 
The premise for working at GreenLab is that most projects must be developed as we go along (technologies, supply chains, symbiosis setting etc.) and work tasks are therefore defined along the way.
There is not always a clear goal and direction for a task, and you must thrive in this flexible setting. Luckily you have great colleagues to help you.  

How would you describe your work-life balance?​ 
I think the work-life balance is good!  GreenLab has incredibly flexible working conditions regarding working hours and working from home.  

What would you say to someone considering becoming part of GreenLab? 
 It's a really exciting workplace where you can develop professionally and personally. You help develop and define your own work tasks.

I think it is important that you are able to work on tasks that are not completely defined, and that you thrive in helping shape and define tasks.


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