Eoghan Rattigan

Meet Eoghan Rattigan


What do you do in your role as Industrial Sustainability Scientist?
My role primarily involves me facilitating the many projects we have with university partners, co-creating knowledge together, taking what we learn from those projects, and helping integrate it into what we do here at GreenLab. 

To further this concept of knowledge co-created, I lead our Research Community where we bring our research partners (and some of our industrial partners) together to further mission driven research into the green transition and foster future collaborations.

What attracted you to working at GreenLab?
A friend of mine a long time had told me interesting things were happening out in Skive in relation to Power-to-X, something that I had a big interest in and a small amount of expertise in. 

After meeting with the team at the GreenLab Summit, hearing them talk with passion about the work they did, taking ideas from multiple different fields, and working together to further the green transition through cooperation and smart technology, things that I was passionate about as well, I knew it was somewhere that I would like to work.

What challenges are the most interesting in your job?​
I get to work with experts from so many different backgrounds and disciplines every single day, sometimes on projects where I have a deep knowledge of the subject and sometimes where I have little to no previous experience.

I am constantly learning as I go and learning across many different fields. I love this type of work, where I get to bring knowledge from many different places together, and help create something more from it. 

How would you describe your work-life balance?​
If I compare it to what I’ve previously experienced, amazing! Though I think when you talk about work-life balance at GreenLab, the keyword is flexibility. 

It’s not that there will never be busy days, that meetings never run late, or there won’t be meetings where you need to travel a few hours to attend. It’s the flexibility that we’re provided with, the understanding that it goes both ways, that work can be moved to a more convenient time or location – if needs be. The feeling that employee wellbeing is prioritized, not just said.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of becoming part of GreenLab?
Have a talk with us, or better yet, visit us. It’s the best way to get an idea of what we do here at GreenLab.

If you’re passionate about sustainability, want to work with a diverse team of people, and believe in our mission of furthering the green transition through cooperation, we’d love to hear from you.



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