Directly connected renewable energy

Get a direct connection to renewable energy 
GreenLab offers a unique opportunity for direct coupling between renewable energy production and your production facilities. Our co-location concept reduces costs, waste, and environmental impact, while ensuring a locally balanced energy network. We are currently building a transformer station to create the direct link between GreenLab and the solar and wind park adjacent to the cluster. That will increase GreenLab’s capacity to 200 MW and ensure access to green electricity for our site partners. 

Cost-effective network tariffs 
Our electrical grid is tailored to meet specific customer needs, offering true-cost network tariffs. This ensures economic efficiency and maximises grid utilisation for all site partners.

Market-relevant green certificates 
Through partnerships with certification bodies, GreenLab guarantees access to the most relevant and beneficial green certificates that are crucial for marketing products as sustainable and circular and ensuring market competitiveness. 


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