ICEIS - Electrified Industrial Symbiosis

ICEIS Project

The Integrated Concepts for Electrified Industrial Symbiosis (ICEIS) project investigates how excess heat in one industrial unit can cover the cooling needs of another.

ICEIS focuses on utilising the potential of industrial symbiosis by integrating surplus heating and cooling demands of individual facilities as resources for others. The project applies industrial process integration methods for optimal integration design and for analyzing the potential for electrification using heat pumps.

The Project will take place in GreenLab together with DTU - Technical University of Denmark and other Danish universities, where researchers can test their theories on a large scale.
The projects will help solve some of the climate challenges facing Denmark and the world.

Funding Agency: 

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Project Contact

Brian Elmegaard
Professor, Head of section, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Energy, DTU

GreenLab Contact

Eoghan Rattigan
Industrial Sustainability Scientist
+45 81 10 41 88

Project timeframe

Starts: 01.04.2023 
Ends: 31.01.2024

Project result

Not finalised


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