Energy Rocks - Heat storage in a rock bed

EnergyRocks – heat storage in a rock bed

Watch Kurt Engelbrecht explain the EnergyRocks project. 

The EnergyRocks project examines how to transform surplus electricity from wind into heat and then store it in a rock bed. The purpose is to decarbonize heat processes in industrial heating at GreenLab. More specifically, the research team wants to develop a design for a rock bed thermal energy storage for a 40 MW heating process.  

Project results:
The thermal storage design for GreenLab was enhanced to meet its specific needs. Using a techno-economic optimization tool for a 40 MW heating process, theoretical analysis led to a system with 1 GWh of total storage capacity and a heater power of 60 MW. Practical analyses based on GreenLab’s production and consumption data, confirmed this design is well-suited for process heat supply. However, additional electricity is required, either through imports or increased on-site production, especially when prioritizing electrolysis and overall park consumption. A CFD model helped specify key design elements such as charge temperature, storage material, and particle size.. 

What the researchers think: 
“What I liked most about working with GreenLab is how they facilitate research and innovation. Their fast-paced, mission-driven approach with well-defined challenges complements traditional academic research. GreenLab encourages holistic thinking to leverage all on-site synergies and provides a unique environment for testing theories at scale, especially beneficial for young researchers. The open dialogue within the community and the engaging site visits add significant value," says Kai Knoblosh, PhD student at DU Energy. 

Funding Agency: 

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Project Contact

Kurt Engelbrecht
Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
+45 21 32 49 76

GreenLab Contact

Eoghan Rattigan
Industrial Sustainability Scientist
+45 81 10 41 88

Project timeframe

Starts: 15.01.2022
Ends: 31.12.2022

Project result

+10 publications

Scientific article in Journal of Energy Storage

Research Paper 

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