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GreenLab Academy

At GreenLab, we are in a unique position to share a series of skills and insights based on evidence and our own experience and approaches in the green industrial cluster. GreenLab Academy is a new business unit in GreenLab that will focus on sharing our knowledge, know-how, and innovative mindset through a diverse selection of courses. We aim to empower Academy participants to create real change in their organisations and the world.

Our approach to learning

  • We practice learning that provides actionable knowledge. Everything we do aims to empower our participants to go out and take action.
  • We work with both knowledge, mindset and behaviour
  • We create strong learning communities to ensure that experiences across sectors are shared
  • We incorporate diverse learning approaches to accommodate different preferences for acquiring knowledge and competencies.

First course available in 2024

We are currently working on our first GreenLab Academy course and expect it to be available at the beginning of 2024. Contact Christian Dalsgaard, Head of Academy, to be updated on the launch. 

Contact us:

To learn more about upcoming events, courses, workshops and more, please contact our Head of GreenLab Academy:

Christian Dalsgaard Sørensen
Head of Academy