R&D Funding and collaboration

GreenLab Skive and DTU have joined forces to add a dedicated research layer to the GreenLab Skive platform. The VILLUM FOUNDATION has supported this endeavour with a grant including 10 M DKK for smaller, flexible, mission-driven research projects.

Mini-calls open to all technical universities - Now closed
This mini call for research projects is open to all Danish technical universities: AAU, AU and SDU. DTU is the primary university partner, main applicant, and grant coordinator. Still, the purpose is to activate more Danish technical research expertise and encourage more collaboration and coordination between universities.

We received 17 applications in the first round, and we are impressed with the quality and engagement from all four technical universities. We have now ended the second round, where the deadline was Tuesday, June 14. The projects selected for the second round will be announced in the beginning of July.

Mission-driven research with defined challenges
For this round, we were happy to provide three challenges that formed the foundation for the applications. The challenges were identified through an ongoing dialogue with our Partners here at GreenLab and with researchers through workshops.

Read more about the challenges here: Challenge descriptions

Projects granted in the first round
You can learn more about the four projects approved in the first round here. ​


For Research Projects on the GreenLab Skive platform – 2nd round (2022)

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