Our partners

Meet our two types of partners

We have two types of partners at GreenLab: Partners that are located in our green industrial business park and external innovation and technology partners.

Industrial park partners
Technology and innovation partners

Industrial park

The industrial park is the heart of our operation. Below you can see the companies located in and around the park.

Danish Marine Protein
Danish Marine Protein tackles local and global issues when they produce protein for organic animal feed from unwanted invasive starfish in the local fjord.

E.ON Danmark
E.ON Danmark is an ally in green transition and co-owner of GreenLab Skive Biogas.

Nomi4S is the local waste-handling and ressource center and a valued partner in our circular economy with their knowlegde about and access to streams of ressources.

Skive Vand
Skive Vand is the local partner in water utility.

Quantafuel produce high-quality synthetic fuels and chemical products based on non-recyclable plastic waste. GreenLab hosts its first state of the art full scale pyrolysis facility.

Eurowind Energy
EuroWind Energy is a leading developer and operator of PV- and wind turbine projects and is the project developer GreenLab's wind and solar park.

GreenLab Skive Biogas
GreenLab Skive Biogas' biogasplant is one of the largests of its kind in Denmark and a vital part of the P2X in GreenLab. The plant runs a conventional and an organic line accomodating the needs of the local farmers.

GreenLab Skive Biogas Leverandørselskab Amba
GreenLab Skive Biogas Leverandørselskab is an associastion of local farmers, and co-owner of GreenLab Skive Biogas, that deliver input to the biogas plant and receive degassed slurry for their fields.

GreenLab Skive Vind
GreenLab Skive Vind is operated by Eurowind Energy and delivers green power to GreenLab.

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Technology and innovation partners

We enable change and push the boundaries of technology and collaboration by finding common ground between policymakers, utilities, commercial, public and academic players. Below, you can see the external GreenLab partners.

Aalborg University
Aalborg University is an internationally renowned university and our R&D partner in the fields of power controls and electrofuels.

ALL NRG supplies manpower and project solutions to the onshore and offshore energy sector all over the world.

Biomass Protein
Biomass Protein is working with a technology that extracts plant proteins from one of most commonly available and inexpensive green crops; grass.

DEIF is a global market leader in green, safe and reliable control solutions for decentralised power production on land or at sea and a technology partner to GreenLab.

DTU is one of the highest ranked technical universities in Europe. Sustainable Energy is an embedded research field across departments. DTU is engaged in multiple GreenLab projects, particularly in the fields of energy conversion and storage.

EA Dania
EA Dania is a valued partner to GreenLab bringing in knowlegde on skills development, innovation and new ways of learning. EA Dania is part of GreenLab Academy.

Frontmatec develops world-leading customized solutions for industrial automation and is a partner to GreenLab in developing the SymbiosisNet.

Siemens Gamesa
Siemens Gamesa is a leader in the renewable energy industry. GreenLab and Siemens Gamesa work together to explore opportunities for P2X integration and electrofuels production and the scale up for national and european development.

Skive College
Skive College is our partner in developing a training platform for the High Voltage area. Skive College is part of GreenLab Academy.

Re::Integrate is part of our P2X consortium and a partner in electrolysis and methanol production

GreenHydrogen is part of our P2X consortium and electrolysis partner to GreenLab building the platform for producing green hydrogen.

Norlys is one of the largest Danish ultility companies and a co-owner of GreenLab.

Energifonden Skive
Energifonden Skive works to raise the general knowledge about climate, energy and environmental issues in the municipality of Skive. Energifonden Skive is the founder and co-owner of GreenLab.

Danish Gas Technology Centre
Danish Gas Technology Centre is our partner for gas infrastructure design and operations as part of our P2X consortium.

A.P. Moller - Maersk
A.P. Moller - Maersk is world's largest shipping company. The company intends to off-take GreenLab's green electrofuels. The potential for global rollout of similar facilities is attractive to Maersk with global demand of roughly 10 MT of fuel oil p.a.

Everfuel is a Nel spin-off and partner in hydrogen storage, distribution and off-take.

Nel Hydrogen Solutions
Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. Nel is a partner in GreenLab's power-to-x business.

Aarhus University
Aarhus University is Denmark's largest university and our R&D partner in energy storage and intelligent energy systems.

In the 19th century the cooperative movement was born, and people as well as organizations began to organize themselves around a common goal – usually an economic one.

Today, GreenLab and our partners are organized around a goal that is both commercial and for the common, global good. We are deeply inspired by some of the fundamental thoughts of the cooperative movement, and we believe that:

Change has to start at a system level, and therefore we need to collaborate with both public and private partners to make things happen

Open innovation is the way forward – knowledge needs to be accessible and shared

Public and private entities are completely dependent on each other and must work together to successfully create a green transition