New Lead for GreenLab Innovation Center

Meet Philip Sviatchenko – GreenLab's Business Innovation Lead

GreenLab’s next big building project is the Innovation Center – a multi-use facility for researchers, businesses, educational institutions and more. Philip Sviatchenko has been hired as Business Innovation Lead to get the project going. Meet him here!

GreenLab is happy to announce the employment of Philip Sviatchenko who has been brought on board to lead the development and management of GreenLab’s Innovation Center. Philip comes from previous positions as Management Assistant to the CEO of Evida – the national Danish gas distribution company – and as Public Affairs Manager in Lego.

“The Innovation Center is an incredibly exciting project that I cannot wait to get started on – we are creating a unique platform here that combines research and innovation under one roof”, he says.

The first of its kind
GreenLab has great ambitions for the Innovation Center. The aim is to make it a natural gathering place for Denmark’s leading academics involved with the green transitions as well as for green businesses. The Innovation Center will be a multi-use building with facilities for both research, training, and education in the new GreenLab Academy.

The goal is to have a lab, showrooms, meeting- and conference facilities, and at the same time be accessible for visiting services for schools, educational institutions and companies. All of which should result in an increase in business tourism to Skive.

Still on the drawing board
For now, however, everything is still on the drawing board. “The Innovation Center is a big and ambitious project, which involves many partners – from Skive College to universities and various businesses who all have an interest in supporting innovation and new research in the energy sector.

We are still at the very beginning of the journey, but our vision is clear, and I promise it is going to be a unique building with unique possibilities”, Philip Sviatchenko says. The building process is expected to begin in 2022.

Philip Sviatchenko

Philip Sviatchenko

Business Innovation Lead