Open Research Calls & Academy Collborations


International GreenLab-VILLUM Fellowship programme (CLOSED OR APPLICANTS)
In collaboration with VILLUM FONDEN, DTU and Aarhus University, we are pleased to announce up to five joint theme-based fellowships s in the period from January 2024 to December 2025.

The research program focuses on challenges related to the ever-increased interplay between the agricultural and energy sectors, with PtX-related production of Green Fuels combined with novel and innovative sustainability initiatives in agricultural production as the focal points.

Two-year Fellowship in Denmark
This two-year fellowship initiative invites Danish and top-tier international university candidates to participate. DTU and AU serve as the academic host institutions for this program and GreenLab is setting the scene for green transition challenges to be battled through the program.​

Screening in progress
We have recieved many competent applications and we are now in the process of screening and selecting five applications for the fellowship.  





The application deadline has surpassed and we have chosen four fellowship candidates for our International Fellowship Programme. 


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