Maximum green energy for minimum cost

Choose a 100% sustainable location for your business

GreenLab is the world’s first 100% green industrial park. The businesses located here are supplied with sustainable energy from multiple energy sources in the form that suits their production best, and everyone is connected to the SymbiosisNet™ – a unique smart grid solution that lets businesses share their surplus energy resources with each other. A few lots are still available – are you interested?

Be at the forefront of technology
GreenLab has the highest capacity power connection available at the lowest distributed costs to our customers, and total cost of production is reduced because all energy is reapplied.

We facilitate the connection of some of the most innovative players in the green energy industry: We collaborate with a strong consortium of partners and innovators. All the businesses here benefit from the network we are part of.

Cost-effective and flexible
We have a cost-effective and flexible set-up ideal for production facilities that want to be a part of the green transition and at the forefront of green technology.

All necessary on-site facilities are available as sustainable, high-tech solutions.

A unique location
GreenLab is located in Skive, Denmark. Denmark is known as one of the most advanced countries when it comes to green technology, and the businesses here benefit from the comprehensive Danish knowledge and experience.

The SymbiosisNet™
One of the unique assets of being located in GreenLab is the access to our SymbiosisNet™. The SymbiosisNet™ is an intelligent grid of energy and data that lets our companies
share their surplus energy. Synergy effects give you a competitive edge Because of the circular setup, companies in GreenLab can expect reduced expenses and minimized costs on waste management and resource purchases. At the same time, they have an opportunity to generate an income from by-product sales. All in all, this gives businesses located in GreenLab a competitive edge.

We offer:

  • System integration into the SymbiosisNet™
  • A plug-and-play business concept
  • Streamlined processes for obtaining permits and approvals
  • Reducing investment uncertainty and “time to market”
  • Renewable electricity from directly connected 80 MW
  • Combined solar PV and onshore wind
  • Lower cost of electricity achieved by pooling electricity demand, offering auxiliary services to the grid, and more

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Want to learn more?

Please get in touch with our representative if you want to learn more about the opportunities at GreenLab.

Quentin Curtis
GreenLab Industry Advisor
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