Strong international profile joins pioneering Danish business park

Monday, March 19, 2018

Energifonden Skive officially welcomed Christopher Sorensen to GreenLab Skive team 1 March 2018.  As Commercial Director, he will head business development and commercialization activities for Denmark’s new symbiotic business park.

Christopher Sorensen holds a degree in industrial engineering and psychology, complemented with an MBA. He has 30 years’ experience in international growth and global partnerships and has worked for the likes of Bang & Olufsen in Denmark and Masdar City in Abu Dhabi where he was part of the ongoing effort to design and build the world’s first sustainable eco-city. Christopher Sorensen, a native of the US, is 57 years old and lives with his family in the Danish city of Aarhus.

“We were looking for a strong profile with experience in developing and operating major international projects that were heavy on technology and energy,” says Stig Christensen, chairman of the board at Energifonden Skive. He is delighted with the new addition to the GreenLab Skive team.

“Over the next few years, GreenLab Skive will be going through a new growth cycle. Several of our partner companies will begin excavation and construction work on the site. At the same time, we’re seeing a surge of interest in the business park and its symbiotic network. That means we’ve got to focus on our commercialization efforts, and on developing the business. Now, with Christopher Sorensen on board, we have a strong commercial director who can steer GreenLab Skive safely through the upcoming stages of development, and far into the future,” Stig Christensen explains.

At GreenLab Skive, Christopher Sorensen will take the helm on the business park’s commercialization activities and partnerships. This includes setting out a solid framework for the industrial symbiosis and the innovation platform, and also attracting new partner companies. In collaboration with Energifonden Skive, Christopher Sorensen will also take responsibility for day-to-day operations at GreenLab Skive and for the park’s development.


“Christopher Sorensen has global experience and an international network he can put to good use at GreenLab Skive. We’re glad to welcome Christopher aboard,” says Steen Harding Hintze, Managing Director of Energifonden Skive, “and we really look forward to working with him.”

In recent years Christopher Sorensen has kept his eye on GreenLab Skive and followed the progress being made. Now he looks forward to contributing in his new position.

“This organization – The GreenLab Skive team, the Municipality of Skive, and the Energifonden Skive fund – has launched a powerful vision. They’ve handled a very complex task admirably, establishing a good foundation to develop a commercial success,” says Christopher Sorensen, and continues:

“GreenLab Skive offers an intriguing model for a business park. With its focus on energy storage and resource efficiency, it embodies some of the solutions to the challenges our energy systems face in the future.

“In GreenLab Skive, I see the potential to be a global front runner that can attract new companies, new skills, and new fields of expertise,” add Christopher Sorensen, concluding: “I look forward to making the vision for this energy park a reality: GreenLab Skive as an innovative global hub for sustainable energy.”


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