Energy-storage centre in the making at GreenLab Skive

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Central Denmark Region is supporting GreenLab Skive with DKK 3 m (EUR 0,5 m) to develop a centre for energy integration and storage. This centre will work to attract even more companies, and to reinforce collaborative innovation at GreenLab Skive.

One objective of the DKK 3 m (EUR 0,5 m) in regional funding, which will be paid out over a period of three years, is to support efforts to attract more businesses, knowledge and investments to GreenLab Skive. In addition, the centre will foster collaboration between companies and academic institutions that can benefit from using GreenLab Skive’s energy storage and test facilities to work on new energy solutions. One of the companies already on board is Quantafuel, a Norwegian enterprise currently setting up a facility at the GreenLab Skive business park. The Quantafuel investment of DKK 100 m (EUR 14 m) will bring some 17 permanent jobs to the Skive area. Applying new technologies, Quantafuel will convert plastic waste into synthetic diesel, which can serve as an additive to regular automotive diesel fuel.

GreenLab Skive has a unique location, combined with strong collaboration agreements with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Aalborg University, which will bear fruit over the next three years in a variety of specific projects. The decision to support GreenLab Skive, recently announced by the council for the Central Denmark Region, is a key step on the path to realising the business park’s plans to become a national centre for energy storage.

GreenLab Skive is already a co-player in DTU’s national efforts in the field of energy storage. In the energy systems of the future, which will see significant amounts of solar and wind energy – energy sources that, by definition, fluctuate considerably – the ability to convert and store energy will be a crucial parameter. GreenLab Skive offers unparalleled opportunities to work with such solutions full-scale, and such work is actually a core activity for many of the departments at DTU.


GreenLab Skive’s planned centre for energy integration and storage will work to enhance the growth of green energy technology, and to speed up the transition to sustainable, integrated energy systems. “We were really glad to hear that the Central Denmark Region has decided to support our work here at GreenLab Skive,” smiles Steen Harding Hintze, the executive director of Energifonden Skive. “This regional funding enables us to take yet another step towards realising our vision of creating a centre for energy integration and storage; a centre we see as part of the business park and an important tool in our work to build a green transition for our energy systems. This cooperation with the Region, on top of our existing agreements with DTU and Aalborg University, means that we’ll be able to offer some of the answers to future challenges in energy integration and storage.”

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