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The business park of GreenLab Skive is located in Central Denmark region. Just north of the city of Skive. You are most welcome at our visitor address at Kåstrupvej 22, 7860 Spøttrup, so please contact us for a visit.

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GreenLab Skive - a symbiotic industrial network for growth

GreenLab Skive is a unique park for businesses working actively with integrated renewable energy, energy storage and resource efficiency.

We say the future of energy is our business.

Situated at the crossroads of the national Danish gas and electricity grids, this business park offers partners a superb location. Companies who set up at GreenLab Skive will have the added advantage of a symbiotic industrial network that exchanges surplus energy and resource streams for mutual benefit. This “Symbiosenet” is continually developed and operated to remain at the forefront of technology and sustainability.

This energy chain will consists of photovoltaics, wind turbines, electrolysis, biogas, upgrading, methanisation, the natural gas grid, landfill gas, CHP engines and energy system balancing.

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